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A traveller’s tales

If you’re in any way interested in knowing my top-10 list of places I’ve travelled to or my top 10 teen/YA novels with a body-switch or identity mix-up theme, please follow this link to the marvellous Books for Company blog. The blog is celebrating its first anniversary and has “free giveaways” (including Flip)!

What Katy did next

Katy, in this instance, is Katy Moran, a student of mine on the Novel Writing MA at the University of Manchester way back in the early noughties.
What she did next was write a successful series of historical novels for young people (despite the low mark I gave to the first of those while she was developing it on the MA . . . shows how much I know!)
I’m delighted for her.
I’m also delighted that she has found it in her heart to forgive me enough to write a lovely review of Flip on her blog. Click here for the link. And be sure to check out her website – and her novels, of course – while you’re there.

The blog starts here . . .

Welcome to my blog.
This is where I’ll be posting news about my work and letting you know of any readings and events. No doubt I’ll also be using this blog to sound off about stuff that interests (or irritates) me . . . or to recommend novels I’ve enjoyed reading.
It may go quiet here for a while, but you can expect the posts to start appearing more frequently as the publication date draws near for Flip, my first novel for teenagers and young adults.

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