Gloria is here!

February 4th, 2016 . . . publication day! Twenty Questions for Gloria, my third novel for teenagers and young adults, is officially published in the UK by the brilliant team at Walker Books. Even though this is my eighth book altogether – and it’s just one month short of 20 years since my first adult novel came out – the thrill of seeing a new one hit the bookshops (virtual or otherwise) never dims.

Ink Slingers logoHere’s a link to Walker’s Ink Slingers site, where you can read an exclusive extract from the novel.

I thought I’d also mark publication day by sharing a nice review by Joanne Owen, which appeared this week on Love Reading 4 Kids, followed by quotes from the site’s Reader Review Panel:

GLORIA UK final cover 1“Uman didn’t make me do what I did. He made me realise I wanted to do it,” explains Gloria, the narrator of this absorbing psychological thriller, but both her parents and the police find this impossible to believe.

After vanishing for fifteen days, Gloria is being questioned as to why she went on the run with a boy she’d only recently met. But it makes sense to Gloria. Enigmatic Uman does things his own way, never “giving a damn what anyone thought of him”. While initially sceptical of his claim to be able to “read” people, Gloria can’t deny it when Uman says he knows that her “life disappoints her”, a truth no one else has noticed. And so their relationship shifts from “impending” to “embryonic”, to use Uman’s inimitable turn of phrase, and they run away, the course of their journey determined by a pack of cards.

Thriller fans will be as enthralled by this book as Gloria is by Uman’s free-spiritedness. It’s exquisitely plotted, and the existential undercurrent gives it an additional edge of intrigue.

Love Reading 4 Kids logo

Esmé N. Molloy, age 15 – ‘I can’t get this book out of my head!!! I still can’t remove the traces of devastation and questions it has left haunting my mind.’

Humaira Kauser, age 17 – ‘This book was not what I expected but I loved it.’

Izzy Read, age 15 – ‘Martyn Bedford cleverly combined mystery, thriller and coming-of-age elements into this novel, making me want to change my life in some way or another and to never think inside the box again.’

Aimee Sweet, age 14 – ‘Twenty Questions for Gloria was exciting to read and left me wanting more.’

Edel Waugh – ‘I really enjoyed this story; it was original, tender, and thought provoking. I highly recommend this book!’

Juliana Christianson, age 16 – ‘Right from the first page I was captivated…This is a must-read for any teenager seeking a thriller, with a hint of adventure and possibly romance.’

Emma Hughes – ‘I read this book in one sitting, and enjoyed it throughout. A great read – I recommend it!’

Emily Kinder, age 15 – ‘What would it be like to live life right in the moment, doing whatever you felt like doing, regardless of the consequences? Uman knows, and he’s like no one Gloria’s ever met before.’

Vicky Sheldon – ‘A very interesting and thought provoking read. It is a brilliant story about growing up and the bridge between what is done for fun and what is serious whether you realise it or not.’

Destiny Maraj, age 14 – ‘Twenty questions for Gloria was a powerful gripping novel. The psychological insight made it even more touching and a fragile like state of mind.’

Lauren Coffman, age 15 – ‘Overall, an emotional and gripping read that I would highly recommend.’

Morgan Steigmann – ‘I would definitely recommend this book to teenagers, as the nature of the book is such that anyone could enjoy it!’

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