Houdini in flames

houdini ebook coverA very nice review of the ebook of The Houdini Girl has appeared on The Jeep Diva book blog, which awards it four stars . . . and four flames, for erotic content. Here’s the review in full:

About the Book:
Fletcher ‘Red’ Brandon is a conjurer, an illusionist, a master of deception who uses his talents to seduce wild, impulsive Irish rose, Rosa, into his life with a simple sleight of hand. But when Rosa is killed, Red is pitched into a new world where betrayal, exploitation and violence are no act. The deeper Red delves into the life and death of the woman with who he shared one sexy, freewheeling year, the closer he comes to a painful realization: even the trickster can be tricked.

Book Review:
This was an interesting book to read, with a far more difficult review to compose as there are so many levels to this story it is often difficult to make sense without spoilers. First I will say, Martyn Bedford mastered the inclusion of multiple layers of depth in this story. A murder mystery at first glance, but so rich with metaphor and emotion, that to pigeonhole it as simply that is doing both story and author a great disservice.

By the title, I initially thought that he book would focus more on the magic than the characters, reality versus illusion and those who understand the depth of the illusions they create to entertain their audience. Illusions are described frequently throughout, with the simple lasting impression that the audience (or reader) is meant to find the reality stuck within. Although the whirlwind courtship and relationship between Red and Rosa was ‘real’ and is shown in several flashbacks that incorporate both erotic and more mundane moments, Red soon determines that much of the Rosa that he ‘knew’ was fabrication; the reality shared with him was laden with half-truths and outright deception. As he travels back to find her real history, he is faced with several moments that are both disturbing and provide revealing insight into her history and his own deeply held secrets and shames. Rosa is a highly damaged woman, so as one reads on to discover her history there are insights into the abuse that created such a wounded creature.

The language is not flowery, in fact the use of F*** is so prevalent that one becomes numbed to its use. All of the characters are drawn with defined personalities, even Merlin, the cat is detailed and acts within the confines that Bedford has designed. Characters grow as the story progresses, either in the readers understanding of them, or their understanding of themselves. The story is so compelling, with the questions about life, love, reality and illusion, that it breezes by. It is not a simple mystery, nor a simple love story, but facing reality and finding the real truth about who you are, and what you desire and how that meets or misses what you have found.

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